Spam/Advertisement/Item Sale policy on the MPCT forum

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Spam/Advertisement/Item Sale policy on the MPCT forum

Postby Benz145 » Sun Feb 25, 2007 20:30

Mass advertisement/spam will not be tolerated on the forums. Should a thread be considered spam or a mass advertisement, it will be deleted without warning. Multiple incidents will result in a ban from the forum. Most users will be unaffected by this, however I am simply laying down the policy so its here in writing.

If you see any thread or post that you think is spam or advertisement, please use the forums post reporting feature.

If you are interested in selling a single UMPC related product to fellow MPCT members, you may create a thread for this purpose. Please do not post more then one item for sale per thread. This is to draw a clean line between mass spam/advertisement/sales. Should the item you are offering to sell be unrelated to UMPC's, it may be deleted. This is based on a moderators discretion.

Note: MPCT does not support the sale of items in any way. If you attempt to sell or purchase an item, it is completely your responsibility.
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Postby enterman » Mon Feb 26, 2007 00:19

thank God something is being done.
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Postby sev7en » Sun May 20, 2007 22:52

God bless us from spam :p
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