For Sale: Vaio UX280P + some accessories

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For Sale: Vaio UX280P + some accessories

Postby BANEParkour » Thu Aug 03, 2017 13:38

Greetings folks.

Was surprised to uncover my old vaio ux280p last week. Forgot I still had it.

The little mouse pointer seems to like registering a left click while I move it around from the centre. If I move my thumb off to the side a bit it seems to work fine but just wanted to highlight! Also missing the stylus. Otherwise it's functioning fine.

It's got a standard Windows 7 install. I can't find the old recovery discs or even the box so heads up on that too.

It's got the extended battery pack and I'll try & see if this still holds charge well as I haven't tried it off mains yet.
It's also been upgraded to an 80 gb internal drive in the past. Touch Screen still has the screen protector on.

It comes with the dock/port replicator and the official mains adapter.

Best case this is essentially a fully functioning ux280p which just needs a mobile OS restore to get it back to stock. Worst case, it's got an 80gb drive and all working internals for spare parts.

If anyone is interested in more info, photos or buying drop me a note. I wanted to mention here first as I know own we are a niche market of owners :)



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