The Micro PC Talk Sony Vaio UX First Impressions Thread

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The Micro PC Talk Sony Vaio UX First Impressions Thread

Postby Reggie » Tue Jul 11, 2006 16:13

Now that more and more people have started receiving their Sony Vaio UX, it might be a good time to share your first impressions!

Suggested Format:

Purchased From:
Purchase/Arrival Date:



Favorite apps:

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Postby pico » Tue Jul 11, 2006 17:38

Country: USA
Purchased From: UX90S from Conics (freaking awesome customer service. brett rules)
Purchase/Arrival Date: july 7

Likes: gorgeous screen and kb although still getting used to the thumb typing, although pretty proficient now and the backlight is gorgrous. love the feature set, the speed, scroll lock button, fan isn't too loud. wireless and bt have been flawless. build quality is fantastic.

Dislikes: black flash model is sexier :( battery life, although i think it's reasonable for the size.

Favorite apps: i just love that conics sends the unit without all of the bloatware and everything works. the backup recovery image is awesome too. i've loaded the entire adobe production studio and all of the apps work reasonable well.

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Postby jpopfan » Tue Jul 11, 2006 22:33

Country: USA
Purchased From: UX50 from Conics (I agree, great customer service)
Purchase/Arrival Date: June 16/June 27

Likes: Excellent screen, remarkable size, great feature set, finally able to boot off of non-Sony USB drives, multiple input options make it very flexible (Tablet PC pen input, mouse pointer, keyboard)

Dislikes: VAIO Launcher lags (takes a few seconds to appear & disappear), one dead pixel in my screen

Favorite apps: Firefox with GeckoTIP extension, ZoomPlayer Pro with nVidia PureVideo MPEG2 and ffdshow filters

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Postby NBC » Tue Jul 11, 2006 23:00

"with nVidia PureVideo MPEG2 " isnt this supposed to work only on nvidia graphic card ?

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Postby jpopfan » Wed Jul 12, 2006 23:50

NBC wrote:"with nVidia PureVideo MPEG2 " isnt this supposed to work only on nvidia graphic card ?

It will work with any graphics card, you just don't get the added hardware features of the GeForce 6 and 7 series processors (stuff like hardware accelerated WMV9 decoding). Reason I installed it is, I already purchased it for use in my HTPC and it's the best MPEG2 codec in my experience. Works great with the UX50 also. :)

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Postby jumpup » Thu Jul 13, 2006 04:40

Country: USA
Purchased From: Fry's Electronics (Atlanta, GA)
Purchase/Arrival Date: 08 July 2006

Likes: Ergonomics, dual cameras, BT+wifi, weight, screen clarity and size, biometrics, use of non-Sony USB devices to boot (external Lite-On DVD+-R/RW works perfectly), backlit keyboard, the "oooh" factor when showing it off, improvement in speed with Core Solo over my previous U71p's P-M ULV

Dislikes: Battery life, replacement of CF with WWAN card, rigidity of "pigtail" adapter

Favorite Apps: Office 2003, VUPlayer, Firefox, Soundforge, Media Player Classic, K-Lite Codec Pack, Adobe Photoshop, Symantec Ghost Corporate Edition, MAME

I usually have a manic wave of euphoria with new gadgets, and then it dies off quickly. With this device, it's a steady and strong appreciation. I'm building up the ideal installation image with XP Pro. I will then upgrade to TPCE and see if everything holds together.

Great site! I look forward to this growing user community!

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Postby pelican » Fri Jul 14, 2006 11:18


Purchased From:
Sony Vaio VGN-UX17GP from a computer shop in Wan Chai, Hong Kong (don't know the name since a friend bought it for me)

Purchase / Arrival Date:
June 26, 2006 / July 12, 2006

wifi and bluetooth (of course!), blue keyboard backlight, biometric fingerprint sensor, ultra clear and bright screen

poor battery life, slow reading and copying files of Compact Flash card, the included Norton Internet Security 2006 software is quite annoying

Favorite Applications:
Microsoft Office 2007 Professional Plus (Beta 2), Microsoft Encarta 2006 Premium, Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0

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Postby N0ISV » Sun Jul 16, 2006 15:24

Country: USA

Purchased from: Vaio UX180P

Purchase/arrival date: July 12/July13... $13.00 shipping over night (DHL)!

Likes: Size, shape, Bluetooth, WLAN,WWAN, backlit blue,biometrics,
great screen, port replicator, web cam, and MANY more likes as I have time to work with the unit. Love this thing!

Dislikes: to many pop ups to stop (but you get this with new PC's), Sim door/cover poor design...its loose even with screw set tight? Battery life is fair,
slowwwwww start up many apps loading-this will change.

Fav. apps: FireFox, MS Streets,Network Stumbler, more to come.

Misc:Sony on-line wanted base price $1799.00 and $85.00 tax, and $102.00 over night shipping? Whats up with this tax? To many other on-line dealers sell with NO tax and NO shipping.
Amazon, eCOST, and others, jacked up the base price of $1799.00. There were several dealers with prices in the $1900.00-$2000.00 or higher range?
And a few dealers with prices below $1799.00, PC nation and PC superdeals, still had no stock on 7-12-06.
Bottom line...beat the on-line bush, find the best price, no tax, no shipping....
Have fun.

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Selling My Sony UX50 Cheap on eBay

Postby blizz61 » Sun Jul 16, 2006 20:58


I am selling my Sony UX50 with Extras NO RESERVE on ebay check it out.

Good Luck :D

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Postby seal » Sun Jul 16, 2006 22:22

Hi Blizz61, why are you selling your UX, what is the urine stain, I mean tiny transparent mark on the lower left of the screen....LOL No Joking.. Just wondering why you are selling it.

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