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Postby seattlecard » Sat Feb 07, 2009 01:19

I just got a mint condition 390N. I am very pleased with it, it has exceeded my expectations:

- Design is amazing. Sony does a great job here, and I LIKE the all black unit.
- Screen. Wow, I have never seen such resolution on a small screen. Very readable.
- Windows 7. Yes, it runs FABULOUS on this machine and makes it so much better.
- This forum. There are lots of tweaks, app, etc, to make this device even better.
- Startup and shutdown in W7 is amazing.

- Yup, keyboard sucks.
- Yup, battery life could be better

I love my UX!

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Postby soulreaver99 » Fri Feb 20, 2009 19:32

I just got my 380N yesterday from eBay and here are my impressions...

Windows XP was installed and my god it runs so much faster than Vista. This little unit is extremely quick and there are no slowdowns when surfing the web and viewing Office documents. After a few hours of use, here's what I like and don't like:

- Beautiful screen
- When running XP, it's extremely fast
- Great to watch videos and send e-mails while laying in bed
- Great for Video conferencing and walking around the house
- If you do a lot of traveling, this would be a great companion to a PDA vs a laptop

- I know this had been said many times, but KEYBOARD SUCKS
- Battery life could be a lot better
- Many situations where I have difficulty reading the small text on the screen

I use an HP TX2500 and going down to a much smaller screen and keyboard is a bit of a shock. Oh well, I'm going to see if I can get used to this device and if not, it's going on eBay!

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Postby enterman » Fri Feb 20, 2009 22:30

increasing your DPI will make the text bigger and much more readable ;)
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Postby xboxgame » Fri Jul 17, 2009 23:57

xbmc works great...any ware any time

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Postby Seraph » Tue Aug 04, 2009 18:31

I've spent 5 minutes with one in a best buy years ago....... and I've secretly wanted one ever since. I noticed it on stargate atlantis, and thats when i knew i just had to get one. I stumbled onto this site and started hunting for them, then by some miracle, a big chunk of change fell into my lap. what better thing to spend it on? Im starting at a new college in two weeks, and I have my military drill weekend this weekend, so I took the chance and grabbed a 280p off of ebay for 522$. My first impressions in the store was that it was the sexiest piece of electronics I had ever seen. And flat out the most powerful in its form factor. Now I'm a total geek, so I need my power for 3d apps. The fact that it looks as cool as it does is a huge bonus. As for ergonomics, it fit into my hands fine, the keyboard was a little odd (as everyone on here says) but I'm sure that after some practice I'll be fine. I've never owned a tablet before, so I figure if I get this first it won't be a shock to how big the screen is. It should get here thur or fri of this week (hopefully) and as soon as it does - XP is coming off. Im sorry guys but the performance boost isn't worth an old hard to navigate (at least for me) system. Windows 7 uses less resources anyway. I'm going to repost as soon as I get it. Anyone know where I can get an extended battery for cheap?

Well it finally arrived!!! good and bad things about it

The screen is a must see!!! Its BEAUTIFUL, and the touch screen is very accurate.
Its one of those devices you pick up and learn to use within an hour, and you just can't put it down!!
The keyboard is nice too, but without raised keys you have to look where you are typing.

Bad thing though, mine was in pristine condition, because the guy never used it, however, that caused the battery to die. Windows isnt even recognizing it, which means its permanently dead. <-_-> So now I have to order a new one. I think ill get an extended cap. I got tons of looks though when i was using it, and the coolness factor can override anything wrong with this device at all.

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Postby Starlyjff » Thu Dec 17, 2009 09:01

If you've been drooling over pictures of the Sony VAIO UX50, there's some more eye-candy for you as Reggie over at Micro PC Talk has posted a.

My guess is that you can just reinstall the OS, or try to get a US recovery CD for the UX when it comes out. How.

... the upacking of this new mini pc, now i found out that over at they were able to get thier hands on one of these device and got some first impressions..

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Postby jonepole » Mon Dec 28, 2009 06:43

Country: USA

Purchased from: SonyStyle

Likes: Form factor, great xbrite screen, portability (and having the power of windows tablet pc '05), docking station to connect to my DVD+DL drive, the two cameras for video chat.

Dislikes: touchscreen calibration (via the applet in the control panel) is not accurate! no matter how much i calibrate the damn thing, it's off by a few pixels from it's mark, weird. battery life not as long as advertised.

Favorite apps: Microsoft Office 2003 Professional, Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, iTunes

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Postby sergeyt22 » Mon Jan 18, 2010 13:01

Hi! I have purchased second-hand UX280P and amazed with it! Few years ago it was too expensive gadget and now i can afford it for about USD500.

1) Really quick to load as XP is almost fresh without AV and other heavy stuff
2) Keyboard with light - convenient to play with device at night
3) Fast enough to watch 1.5GB MKV encoded movies even via WiFi
4) Fully working unlocked GSM/GPRS - not really fast but generally available everywhere.

1) Many people mentioned it - the battery. I'm going to order extended battery (4200mAh) - now has offers for about USD110. Definitely worth to have.
2) Strange behavior of the screen - sometimes it shows a rainbow of vertical lines on start-up with black background and turn to normal only when fully loaded. Initially looked like brooked LCD but seems to be some strange software glitch.

Maybe i'll try W7 but haven't decided shall i spend time into this. It would be cool to replace WLAN module with WiMAx support - will search for some solution.

Best regards,

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Postby ozkaya » Mon Jan 18, 2010 17:31

sergeyt22 wrote:2) Strange behavior of the screen - sometimes it shows a rainbow of vertical lines on start-up with black background and turn to normal only when fully loaded. Initially looked like brooked LCD but seems to be some strange software glitch.

vertical lines are a big alert. either your lcd or graphic chipset looks like it's about to give up the ghost.
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Postby souljaboy112 » Mon Jan 18, 2010 19:23

ozkaya wrote:vertical lines are a big alert. either your lcd or graphic chipset looks like it's about to give up the ghost.

yep , if its doing it while in bios startup ; pink colored , green and others ... its a sad day for you my friend

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