google chrome OS!!!!

Talk about installing other operating systems on the micro PC.
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Postby blaster » Wed Feb 15, 2012 11:22

xp runs great on 512 mb of ram its not until you load it up that you run into problems.

im hoping with chromes extremely low file amount will give it the edge when its loaded up with a tone of tabs vs the same system running 7 xp or Ubuntu with more ram. remembering that the cpu and hdd have extra load cos the the extra system files

remember how all the apps run on chrome thow. they are all sand boxed in a privet tab. so when it ends. IT ENDS. instead of leaving stuff behind running like other operating systems aspetioly android.

realy i think the ux is ment for windows not ubuntu. too much playing around and thies days it needs tobe the portable desktop that does everything a tablet (arm no itintel) cant.
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Postby bigs » Wed Feb 15, 2012 18:42

agree xp runs semi fine on 512mb eram, but try loading more than 2-3 tabs in chrome and boom, thats it, massive hard drive swapping. In ubuntu one can load double the number of tabs with 512mb ram. 1gb i can used over 10. Yer its handy that chrome can control each tab independantly ram wise too ,but firefox has better tab memory management, so can run double the number of tabs again a chrome browser can run.

win7 and 1gb ram is pretty sad these days, thats why i suggested linux as a better os for ux, since it runs well with 1gb ram
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