Meego 1.1

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Meego 1.1

Postby bdovpro » Sun Nov 07, 2010 06:26

Since i couldnt find anything on meego here i figured i'd post my Meego experiences on my old UX180P.

Installed Meego1.1 Netbook version via USB CD drive.

First off, just wanted to say it runs beautifully. Only a bit of lag on google's chrome browser.

-Stick and right/left mouse buttons (super sensitive click though)
-Touchscreen (not calibrated correctly unfortunately)
-Sound (only with head phones atm)

Not Working:
-Sound via built-in speaker
-Fingerprint Reader
-zoom keys
-sony's dedicated button

First things first. After install, open a terminal and
--zypper refresh
This fixes the security problem with updates and repos.

Now make sure to add the Meego Community Repo
-- sudo(if not root) zypper addrepo "Community Repo"

and unchek the option "Filters - Only native packages" in the PackageKit (Applications Tab->System->Manage Applications).


Meego can not do avi, divx, mp3 and a few other formats out of the box but here's how you can enable them:

1. Open terminal and add Community Repo if you did not
-- sudo zypper addrepo "Community Repo"

2. unchek the option (if you haven't done so already) "Filters - Only native packages" in the PackageKit (Applications Tab->System->Manage Applications).

3. install the necessary codecs
-- sudo zypper install ffmpeg faac faad2 gstreamer-ffmpeg gst-plugins-* mpeg2dec libmatroska libdvdnav libdvdread lame x264

<optional> can install Totem player if you want, i recommend it for dual-audio .mkv files.
-- sudo zypper install totem

5. Restart

And now you can enjoy all your favorite formats!

*UPDATE 11/07/2010*


First off, add the repo above if you didnt already.

1. Meego1.1 is missing some basics so we need to get them back. Namely the "Make" function and the "C Compiler" so open your terminal and
-- sudo zypper install make gcc flex *glib* *diff* liboil*dev*
-- sudo zypper install gcc-c++ bison libxml2-devel

2. you should now be able to
-- sudo zypper install wine*

If that doesnt work then try tafazzi87's method:

first of all download this package from this link CLICK HERE

--extract it to /$HOME/$USER/
---- tar xvjf wine-1.2-rc7.tar.bz2

cd /$HOME/$USER/wine-1.2-rc7
make install

Inorder to play games you need to enable desktop emulation via winecfg terminal

2. "Graphics" tab

3. check "Enable a virtual desktop" (the 800x600 size works fine for me but change to whatever you prefer)

NTFS Support

1. open Terminal and type
--sudo zypper install ntfs-3g

2.enjoy full on ntfs action

I'll add more tutorials and tricks as i uncover them.

If any of you guys have ideas or questions please let me know.

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Postby kiz » Thu Nov 11, 2010 06:21

does A2DP via bluetooth work

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Postby kiz » Fri Nov 12, 2010 05:41

yes it works

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Postby wsoomro » Mon Oct 31, 2011 17:41

I Have Tried It Before Works Fine.
But I Think Latest Is v1.2.

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Postby midnightman » Tue Apr 03, 2012 00:52

it would be nice to hear more from this unfortunately meego is dying as it will be replaced by tizen, that is the unfortunate thing for linux since there are so many projects abandoned whenever it forks

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Postby bigs » Wed Apr 04, 2012 04:58

it is interesting this meego OS. It seems quite similar to Ubuntu. wonder if one can install DEB files on it ;)

Anyhow, ubuntu seems to have more of the hardware working than meego, plus there is alot of apps available for ubuntu.
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