Partial tap fix for Alps DualPoint Stick on actual linux versions

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Postby nakia » Fri Aug 22, 2014 14:32

stevenh wrote:Hey all,
Full instructions for Linux Mint 17 on the UX490N here.....

Good post, I wonder if you know if the gyroscopic sensors are in the toshiba hard drive, or they are part of the sony i/o framework or they are simply undocumented; It would be interesting to link them to screen rotation and axis/axes swap/rotation of the touchpanel.

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Postby bigs » Thu May 07, 2015 04:50

antonizoon wrote:I updated this fix to support kernels greater than 3.5, since the new kernels have slightly changed the `input_mt_init_slots` function. It now requires three parameters, so I just added 0 as the third. This guy figured it out first though:

Here is a link to the updated patch, on github. Hopefully the OP can put it in the topic.

Here's my Github repository.

I know this thread is very old, but it is definitely not obsolete. I am testing compatibility of the UX with the later Ubuntu 14.04 lts, and with this new patch, it works even with this latest long term release version!

So far the only issues I can see so far in the latest Ubuntu 14.04 is the intel GPU drivers seems to malfunction when an external VGA monitor is connected. So as long as you use only the small 4.5" built in display, the GPU will work fine! So far, I have managed to undervolt, re profile the fan speeds, and calibrate the touch screen.
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