Custom made low-clearance power plugs for your UX

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Custom made low-clearance power plugs for your UX

Postby admin » Sat Jun 28, 2008 20:11

Yeggster of the forums has had a thread going for quite a while asking if there was any interest in people purchasing low-clearance power plugs that he has made, and it turns out that there has been enough of a response to prompt him to start selling them. Any UX owner knows that the connector for the AC plug is on the bottom of the unit and the location can make it hard to plug the UX in while it is in a stand, or sitting in the popular iGo Bluetooth keyboard. The plug aims to solve this problem; it is really a short extension that accepts the AC plug on one end, then plugs into the UX on the other. The difference between the AC plug and the end of the extension is that the extension end is relatively flat and allows the UX to be plugged in while in a stand without being at an awkward or unmanageable angle. Yeggster has even put together a nice site for information on the low-clearence power adapter, you can visit that site here, or find more information/ask questions in the ogriginal thread. Check out this page of the site which does a great job of showing the problem, and how this plug fixes it. Yeggster has been a long time MPCT member and I would have no qualms buying from him myself. Also he recently fried his UX, so if you are on the wall on the purchase consider that you may be helping him fund future UX ventures!
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Very good work but high heating temperature will cause serious problems

Postby Chinada » Mon Jul 05, 2010 21:49

I tried one piece low-clearance power plugs on my unique UX380cn, after charge the battery less than hour, the plastic covered plug melt, it caused by high-temperature heating during battery charge. I am not sure if this only happens on my UX machine, but my UX original power adapter was damaged.

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Postby darkerx » Mon Jul 05, 2010 23:21

Hum... the only way to melt a plug is by having a short-circuit within it... too bad...
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