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Postby UXtremeBiker » Tue Jan 20, 2009 02:28

enterman wrote:so basically you want a OQO Model 02+? :p jk but that does have several of what you wanted in a new ux.

Actually I am looking quite seriously at the 2+ for this very reason! It's slightly more 'pocketable' than the UX and the only thing that it lacks that I 'might' miss is the integrated cameras (I use them, but not much, so I think I can live without this). All of the other specs look pretty impressive and I might just have to take the plunge soon. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE my 280P but the new 2+ really has me thinking hard now.

Plus it's available with integrated EVDO (which I am a subscriber of and the UX is not)....

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Postby Virtua » Wed Jan 21, 2009 14:45

This is a site I regularly tune into - they do great breakdowns on Sony stuff and compare the models too - its japanese, but translated under google.
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Postby P996 » Thu Jan 22, 2009 02:14

I ordered a P19 (1.6 GHz CPU and 128GB SSD, large capacity battery included) over here in Germany a couple of days ago and it should arrive at my place around mid of February (hopefully). Unfortunately Sony Europe offers the 1.6 GHz CPU for their top model only, the Japan version gets the 1.86 GHz version too.
I also have a Sony UX90S (Core Solo CPU, 32GB SSD) which I recently "revived" for testing purposes. The UX90S has Vista Business installed and I turned off almost all visual enhancements(aero, styles, etc.) to make sure that Vista doesn't slow down the UX.
What can I say? The UX90S seems to be the first UMPC which runs iTunes 8 videos/movies/TV shows without ANY lag or stuttering. A realtime antivirus scanner(Norton Internet Security 2009...huge improvement regarding CPU usage) was running in the background. That said, I'm impressed (again) with my "old" UX90S.

IF the P19 I ordered can do the same (play iTunes 8 videos, etc.), the UX90S is history too me. I like its form factor but the keyboard is too small and what is the worst thing actually: no built-in 3G.

I'll post a short performance comparison between both (real life and how they feel) as soon as I get the P19 next month. Wish me luck... ;)

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Postby enterman » Thu Jan 22, 2009 02:22

your UX would be running better without Norton, any version, any day of the week. I dont care what they have done :P
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Postby MathProfJohnson » Sat Jan 24, 2009 19:04

Maybe I will eat my words when I get to view it, but I chose not to preorder because for my uses the One does all of what I need.
In order of preference

Fujitsu u810 w/Vista, AT&T 3G :D
OQO 02 better w/Vista, Verizon EVDO A :eek:
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HP TC1100 (w/Vista)
Samsung Q1-U (w/Vista) :rolleyes: For sale
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Postby computercowboy » Wed Jan 28, 2009 22:37

bandit2xx wrote:Like someone said better the Fujitsu.... it's a better investement...

Except for the fact that the Fujitsu is a cheaply made piece of crap... IMHO

Sony stuff is solid. It takes massive amounts of abuse
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Postby hazmat » Wed Jan 28, 2009 22:52

MathProfJohnson wrote:Maybe I will eat my words when I get to view it, but I chose not to preorder because for my uses the One does all of what I need.

For $400 bucks my little crappy aspire one has been one of my best technology investments yet...I use it every day and am 1000% more productive than I was with the UX...yeah I know the UX was a sexy piece of technological ass...but that keyboard....ikes.

The only thing I miss is the ability to hold it in 2 hands and browse stock charts after hours....the one is great on the desktop..but even in my lap...iit is either too far without my glasses or too close with my glasses on to read.....the handheld was easy to adjust as far as distance by just moving my hands a few inches either way....maybe someday I will pick up another 280 or even '''gasp' a ux180 just to browse my charts at night so I don't lose my eyesight for good....

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Postby Raptor » Thu Jan 29, 2009 17:23

computercowboy wrote:Except for the fact that the Fujitsu is a cheaply made piece of crap... IMHO

Sony stuff is solid. It takes massive amounts of abuse

I disagree, and I've beaten up a fair amount of Sony and Fujitsu hardware. Both seem to withstand about the same amount of punishment and weather it just as well. If the U-series doesn't fit that mold, it's probably just a quirk of the U-series.

(I also like that both Sony and Fujitsu use the same AC adapter tips/voltage. I just need one brick for four different systems in our house.)

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Postby jesschg » Wed Feb 18, 2009 04:31

Actually Vaio P not as good as UX, it's not as convenient as UX, and it's also heavier than UX as well. If you guys got UX already, you will not consider this.

by the way, the colour and the outlook are very attractive.
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A few words

Postby triplesixes » Thu Feb 19, 2009 04:03

First of all, I found it extremely funny taht people would come in here and downgrade this or that type of laptop due to how many poundings one can weithstand over the other. OMG, these people must have money growing on trees; I mean, to take their laptops and just pound the heck out of them just to see how durable they are?? LOL OMG! People that do that must not really appreciate what they have. Common sense, business sense, and street sense all tell you that if you have any type of computer, you should take care of it, and not want it to get banged up or pounded or ran over, etc...
Also, I have Dell laptops, a Fujitsu laptop (my newest one and also one of the sturdiest laptops I have ever owned) and, of course, my beloved Sony Vaio UX380N. And I will say this; I would not swap my UX gem for anything Sony comes out with right now. I love my UX380N. It is fast, very portable, and just a downright conversation starter, especially with the ladies (LOL).

I have previewed the new Sony P series laptop, and it is very nice. And I am sure that by God's will, I will get one one day in the future. But I won't ever quit using my UX380N, nor will I give it up just to be able to get this Sony Vaio P. Like other people have said, if you are going to spend that much money on a netbook, there are plenty of very very nice ones that you can get, in which you can buy two of them for the price of one Sony P. Thanks for listening!!

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