UX PC still alive in 2019, but.....

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UX PC still alive in 2019, but.....

Postby bigs » Thu Apr 11, 2019 06:24

After much deliberation I took the dive and decided to treat myself to the GPD win2, which best meets my needs from the micropc. Ordering was a simple process and the purchase price includes DHL express postage. From time to order to arrival, it took less than a week! My reason for finally upgrading was due to speed and potential reliability issues when using a 10 old portable PC. Also I have found it to get progressively more tiresome to multi task and surf multiple web sites as modern web sites seems to be a higher demand on RAM. Sadly the Anh mod U7700 CPU advantage was to be limited by the amount of available RAM.

Heres my initial review of the GPD win2 vs the Sony Anh modded UX.

Pros for win2.
-Much more modern CPU, mulitude better than the old Intel u7700 core2duo.
-8Gb RAM! compare to 1Gb RAM on the UX is like god sent
-M2 ssd drive. Writes and reads like a modern PC. UX was limited to much more primitive IDE bus speeds
-USB C and USB 3.1 A type port. Living with the UX in 2019 is like living in the dark ages, USB 2 is definitely lagging behind.
-6" capacitive screen with gorilla glass. Very nice upgrade from the UX, while the UX 4.5" display on the UX was nice (sharp sourced) , the win2 6" screen is much much brighter, better colors, and is surprise surprise Sharp sourced!
-better thumb keyboard, makes for much faster typing than on the UX
-thinner than the UX
-built in trendy game pad for those times when you want to play games!
-built in stereo speakers that have better sound quality than the single speaker in the UX
-battery life. The newer core M CPU is so much more efficient than the core2duo, plus it seems the win2 packs in a massive internal battery. The UX used to get me at max 3-4 hours depending on what I was doing on it using the extended battery which would make the device close to 1kg. The win2 can easily top 6 hours with similar usage in a package that is around 0.5kg.

Pros for the UX in 2019!
-Backlit keyboard!. Cant understand why they did not put this in to the win2 model, and instead put it into the much weaker spec "micropc" model.
-finger print reader! The UX was state of the art with this feature and still is in 2019!
-front camera. There seems to be no cameras in any of the GPD models, period..
-rear camera. handy to have but not really usable for todays standards.
-silent keyboard. The GPD win has much better travel for the keys and makes for much nicer typing experience, but in doing so has distinctive clicks which can be heard in very quiet environments, The UX on the other hand was completely stealth with no audible sounds from the keys whatso ever.
-removable battery. This is a major plus for those that want to use their microPC as a desktop in a dock. I am and still not a fan of leaving batteries trickle charging for long periods of time
-removable battery is easy to recell, since the internals is just the extremely common 18650 type lithium ion battery.
-better hand warmer... well not really a con, but since the U7700 gives off a good 10watts TDP, this makes for an excellent heater,
-Nicer design. The win2 seems to resemble a nintendo DS, and takes form as a miniaturised traditional clam shell type laptop where as the UX with its sliding keyboard design in my opinion is more space age and still is a head turner.
-better ergonomics...The ergonomics of the win2 is not all that bad, and the game pad is usable, but compared to the UX, the sculpting at the back is just that much better.
-SLC SSD. It may be a tiny 64Gb, but for durability, the SLC standard still outclasses the MLC, TLC, 3d etc type SSD drives.

Will update more in time.

I am uncertain if the Win2 can achieve the same cult status of the UX which had stood the test of time (over 10 years) and I can vouch my UX is still going strong, but for now it seems to run the latest linux distros with not too much issues, and obviously is designed to work with the current Microsoft operating system... Windows 10.


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