Solid State vs Conventional Hard Drive

Talk about the hardware components of the micro PC.
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Postby bigs » Sat May 19, 2012 11:30

nice work silex. I never really noticed the conventional hard drive in the UX vibrating much, but hey, the advantages of SSD are outstanding. Enjoy!!
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Postby silex » Sun May 20, 2012 00:49

Ok, lets get back to work :)

It is behaving ok, including the hibernation and the resume. The UX is cooler than the time when Toshiba was mounted (the cpu is 2-3 degree C cooler now, in load state).
Before the MX Nano SSD , I've played with some CF / CF-ZIF adapters and because that, I had ready a ZIF-to-Sata adapter, so the Windows cloning was fast and easy. I used Arconis 2012 true image, trial.
The benches are near as the rest from the net (+/- 2-5mb/s) :




This is the old/original Toshiba, ready to be replaced:

With this adapter (8$+2$ shipp/handl) I made the HDD partition backup on the desktop

Please notice that the Mach Extreme SSD is mounted different than the Toshiba drive, it has the pin 1 on the other side of the ZIF connector, so it has to be mounted with the bottom up. The restore of the partition on the SSD was quick, 8 minutes for 12gb :

My only problem was when I had to secure the SSD/HDD cage, the ZIF connector was attached to the SSD in an angled mode, which you can see, it moved the SSD in place too(The SSD connector didn't want to align with the cable or vice versa). I let the old rubber white strips on the HDD, so the SSD is mounted metal on metal:

Hope to be of help to someone around here and, as a note, you can use a CF card in a CF to ZIF adapter, but it WILL be slow because the CF: 1.doesn't have cache memory like the actual SSDs and 2. doesn't handle small writes well at all. The "fixed mode" is a lottery, depending on the batch/mfg/model and a small workaround can be obtained using the win xp "hitachi microdrive" driver, to fool the xp in masking the removable drive. The "flashfire" ram cache driver could be used, but on a power loss, I lost my win XP because it corrupted a system file.
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Postby ceehoppy1st » Sun May 20, 2012 23:05

You'll want to check what the partition offset is on your ssd. I've tried a couple backup utilities, & they seem to default to XP's 32KB offset when restoring an image, even if the original partition was at win7's 1MB. If you do a clean win7 or vista install then offset is not a problem, but XP can cause perf issues.
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Postby denialniel » Fri Jun 15, 2012 00:30

This is nice information about the hard drive. I was facing same problem when I am going to extend my hard drive. Now I will try to solve this problem with the help of this information. Thanks for sharing such awesome information.

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