Games that work on the UX

Talk about software for the micro PC.
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Postby jenyroger » Thu Jun 10, 2010 03:49

Some of the games are almost perfect to except the mouse handling like counter strike source can be work on the UX and can have puzzle on the game . There are so many solution are available you just replace that game .

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Postby VampireZIM » Sun Jun 27, 2010 20:46

The SIMS 1 works perfectly on my UX280P.

I also run EVE ONLINE. It supports native resolution at about 10-15fps at lowest settings.

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Postby adriennbelly » Mon Aug 23, 2010 14:02

Final Fantasy 7 - Perfect, use 640x480, but if I tell you the graphics card to stretch the screen to fill the entire screen and not look bad at all.
The Lord of the Rings War of the Ring - works fine at 800x600 low settings tutorial I just tried so far, but it works.

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Postby princedlight » Wed Sep 15, 2010 16:04

These are the game that work on the UX
1.Super mario
3.Half Life
5.Command and counter

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Postby Cocoia » Wed Nov 03, 2010 16:06

GoG is your friend, I've found, with the UX. GoG gives you games in an installer, no fussing around with iso's and virtual drives and whatnot. Pretty great.

Anyway, I tested:

Planescape Torment (with Widescreen mod, Ghostdog UI mod, and other tweaks): Perfect. Plays like the UX was made for it. Gorgeous.
Baldur's Gate 2 (with fixpacks / widescreen mod): Works great. Combat should be done in turn based mode or you'll get overwhelmed.

For these two infinity engine games, panning the view around is the biggest issue. The mousing 'nub' or arrow keys work for this.

Total Annihilation (+ expansion packs): works gorgeously. Graphical issues on 950GMA (all sorts of weird colors and stuttering) but worked when I used the GoG version instead. Natively does 1024x600.

Red Alert 2 / Tiberian Sun: Work like a charm. Gorgeous looking on the screen. Panning and multi-unit selection is a bit of a pain.

Age of Wonders 2 (again, GoG version, I lost the original discs): works like a charm. Only played the tutorial level but it's very playable with its turn based nature.

Minecraft: Works fine at minimal draw distance and fast graphics. Main bottleneck was the HD: major stuttering when loading new chunks.

Couldn't test more because UX died. :(

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Postby Cocoia » Fri Nov 12, 2010 20:40

And here's a video of some games:

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Postby liviu2007 » Fri Nov 26, 2010 11:41

i installed 3 games...witch works perfectly: ON WINDOWS 7 ULTIMATE X32
1.ballance(my favorite:D) 1024x600 by direction arrows:D..kinda cool!
2.blocmania 3D...same play from direction arrows! 1024x600
3.need for speed hot pursuit perfect 1024x600...configured keyboard for game!
4. air strike 3D II-GULF perfect 800x600
i will test more!:D

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Postby razism » Thu Dec 23, 2010 01:12

i like this thread :)

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Postby tjboyer » Sun Dec 26, 2010 20:47

I have Eve on my 490n. Runs decent, although I wouldn't go into missions or PVP in it. Great for, say, an indy/market/research/mining alt, or just visiting. Runs decent, but not super fast.

Was given a 20" LCD monitor for Christmas, got it up and running in extended desktop mode. Would be neat to be able to stretch the Eve window across both screens, but doesn't seem to be able to handle that. Anybody else having luck with multiple monitors and games, or is the graphics hardware just not quite up to it?

Love my 490n.

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Postby Neverwinter » Fri Jul 01, 2011 02:12

Does Chessmaster 11 work on it? I don't have a UX yet...

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