Optimizing Vaio UX Ultimately

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Optimizing Vaio UX Ultimately

Postby MohamedFawzy » Thu Aug 02, 2007 23:01

Hi All, I 'm Mohamed Fawzy Sallam from Egypt. A new Vaio UX owner.

At the beginning , I was very upset from UX Performance and speed. It was slow as hell, and the battery didn't last long. so I thought to remove Windows Vista and install XP Pro or Ubuntu, then I changed my mind and started optimizing Vista instead. Now the result is pleasant with the most recent Microsoft operating system. No need to be outdated with XP or incomplete with Ubuntu. Now I can get all features of UX with no sacrifice. In Ubuntu, it was very fast, but I had to sacrifice the cameras, and the customized hardware buttons, and the finger print sensor functionality. In XP SP2 and Tablet PC, I had to sacrifice the cool windows vista instant search and a lot of updated and improved features. Seriously, after I have done my optimization, my system is very powerful and so fast.

The first step is to Uninstall Unnecessary Heavy Consumption Software:

After completing a recovery to factory defaults, uninstall the Sony crap, using a professional software like (Your Uninstaller! 2006), which is completely removing the temp files and leftovers, and cleans the registry entries related to these software.

I personally recommend removing the following pre-installed programs:

• Norton Internet Security, which is heavy as hell. Use a better antivirus software like Trend PC Cilin Internet Security 2007 or Kaspersky.

• Vaio Media (who the hell is interested in streaming video and audio on a home network?)

• Wallpapers (free size if you have your own). Sony pre-loads a lot of unnecessary space consuming wallpapers.

• Roxio software (be sure to remove the installer files of some unnecessary programs located in Sony directory, i.e. Roxio). If you are going to burn CDs using an external CD Writer, I recommend to use a better software, like Nero, or Ashampoo Burning Studio.

• Adobe Reader (you can setup a better version of Adobe Reader – Currently v. 8 – or even get a better alternative, like Foxit PDF Reader. Adobe reader is heavy and consumes a lot of resources, I recommend using Foxit)

• WinDVD –Install a better all-in-one solution for video and audio playback, which is K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 2.10

• (SonicStage if you don't have Sony mp3 players, or don't intend to get or use one in the future).

• Vaio Video and Photo Utility. Windows vista includes better capabilities for videos and photos. Windows Media Player is awesome, and Windows Photo Gallery is more than enough. K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 2.10 will play any video or multimedia file in the entire planet, and you could use ACDSee if you find Windows Photo Gallery inefficient.

Optimizing the display:

• Change the screen DPI to 120 – it gives a better resolution and makes the text more readable. I have been feeling comfortable with the screen since I did this.

• Use ClearType. It's georgous with the new microsof font (calibri).

• Turn off Screen Savers.

• Change the Mouse Pointers to Windows Black Extra Large.

• Turn off Aero Interface, it consumes a lot of resources and battery power. Use Windows Vista Basic theme instead. It will give you more running power on the go.

• Use a tool like UMPCScrollbar to view the extended part of dialogue boxes and software, which appears out of the screen. Create a shortcut for it in the startup group in start menu , so you won't have to load it each time.

• Re calibrate the screen using the Sony provided tool. Be careful with the touches.

• Install Origami Experience Pack for Windows Vista, and use it to optimize touch setting to increase the size of start menu items, scroll bars, title bars, taskbar, icons and buttons, add touch pointer and tablet pc input button to the task bar. It's very necessary for UX to adjust the size of these stuff.

Optimizing the performance

• Use (Extended Performance Counter List) tool from Microsoft to unload and disable unnecessary running performance counters, it consumes resources and battery. Google (Extended Performance Counter List) for further information and search it in the Microsoft download website to get the necessary tool for removing them.

• Disable the following services running in the background of windows vista, which also consumes resources and battery, and they are not very useful:

Type (services.msc) in the start menu

o Computer Browser
o Distributed Link Tracking Client
o Function Discovery Resource Publication
o Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)
o IPsec Policy Agent
o Microsoft iSCSI Initiator Service
o Net. TCP Port Sharing Service
o Offline Files
o Ready Boost
o Remote Registry
o Routing and Remote Access
o Secondary Logon
o Security Center
o Server
o SQL Server Active Directory Helper
o SQL Server Browser
o SSDP Discovery
o System Event Notification Service
o TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper
o Volume Shadow Copy
o Windows Defender
o Windows Error Reporting Service
o Windows Firewall
o Windows Time

Disable these services by right click on them, then Properties, then change the startup type to be (Disabled)

• If you are worried about the effect of disabling these services, well, I have been turning them off since nearly a month now, and never had any problem. If you are a stand alone user who accesses the internet by wireless or by Ethernet cable, and normally printing, and using Wireless/Bluetooth communications, you will never get any problem. Delightfully, You will gain all the resources consumed by these services. It will save a lot of battery power, memory, and processing power.

• However , if you use the UX to connect to your office or home networks, you may have to enable some of these services: i.e. (Computer Browser) to view all computers in the Network And Sharing Center –Workgroups and sharing resources. If you are connecting UX to networks, you may have to investigate these suggested processes to be disabled or not. Google them and see what's the effect.

• Disable System Protection as well (Right click on the computer, then properties, then system protection on the left side, and uncheck any drive on the available disks, it will ask you for confirmation to disable the system protection, answer yes.

• Disable remote settings as well. You don't need anyone logging to your UX over a network.

• Disable Gadgets and Windows Sidebar, it consumes a lot battery power. You can have it optimized though, and run it on demand, but then close the side bar to get more battery.

• Use TuneUp Utilities 2007 to optimize details of Vista, cleaning the unwanted processes from the startup items, optimizing performance, cleaning the registry, defragmenting the registry.

• Use WinASO Registry Optimizer 3.0.9 to speed up system. You will notice the difference immediately. Also use it to clean the registry, it has a different methodology from TuneUp Utilities 2007, and it will clean additional crap.

• Use Vista Manager V1.1.2 to optimize your system and speed it further more. http://www.yamicsoft.com/

• Use Ashampoo WinOptimizer 4 again to optimize your system, internet, and clean it. The most important thing is to use Defrag 2 from the tweaking Tools to defragment your harddisk. It will raise the speed significantly.

• Use the Vaio Control Center in Control Panel to set the customized hardware keyboard to your convenience. For myself I set the Zoom In button to Page Up and Zoom Out to Page Down, and the Vaio Touch Launcher button to instantly Rotate the screen. Do the same for Rotational Mode, and don't forget to uncheck the option (Display Explanation for the button features when the display is rotated) from Other Setting.

Style Adjustment

• Get a long shoulder strap (the one that usually comes with normal laptop bags), and put the supplied UX case in it, attach it's two carriers to get a closed strap, then hang it on your shoulder across your body so you will get it under the other arm. It will look like a gun strap, but it's cooler to have it this way than hanging it on your built. I have done the built thing, but I wasn't able to sit comfortably, or walk, and people kept looking to this huge case in my built. It was so geeky, and so easier to steal by a running theive on bike or motorcycle. But with the strap through my shoulders, I look more like a pro and people would think I am a police officer too :) plus if you wear a suit jacket, it's completely covered.It's also harder to steal this way.

• Get a screen protector. Normally it will be designed for Pocket Pc, but it will do.

• Get a better Stylus, bigger, comfortable, keep it in your pocket. Leave the sony cute one in the back of UX unattended. :)

• Get a blutooth foldable keyboard for a comfortable typing.

• Wear dark sunglasses :) so you will look like the Matrix guys

Well, that's all for now, and see you soon with more hints/tips. Please feel free to share any if you have.

Regards from Egypt

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Postby hazmat » Thu Aug 02, 2007 23:38

Great Post ! Thanks for all the great documentation and suggestions.

I am happy with XP but some of these suggestions still apply.

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Postby ux4ever » Thu Aug 02, 2007 23:46

sounds like medical advisory.. but helpful anyway.. very engaged, thumbs up!

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Postby Robyn » Fri Aug 03, 2007 01:24

hazmat wrote:Great Post ! Thanks for all the great documentation and suggestions.

I am happy with XP but some of these suggestions still apply.

I too agree, I'm happy with XP but will follow a number of your suggestions,

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Postby newbie » Fri Aug 03, 2007 03:58

Perfect! Thanks this is exactly what I was looking for. When I got my UX380N last night I was surprised at all the crap that came preinstalled. Not even a $600 laptop that I bought last year had this much stuff.

I'm new here too by the way. With some hacking I was able to fix the high CPU usage of PowerManager.exe if anybody is interested I will be posting it later tonight or tomorrow. Right now I am doing a recovery to follow this guide. :D

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Postby dgrilli » Fri Aug 03, 2007 06:40

What a Great First Post.
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Postby enterman » Fri Aug 03, 2007 06:51

wow MohamedFawzy good job, thats the best 1st post ive seen on these forums.
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Postby ux4ever » Fri Aug 03, 2007 09:39

still impressed. even printed it.. :eek:

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Postby thegurio » Fri Aug 03, 2007 12:06

enterman wrote:wow MohamedFawzy good job, thats the best 1st post ive seen on these forums.

I second that... if only everyones first post was as good!

• Disable System Protection as well (Right click on the computer, then properties, then system protection on the left side, and uncheck any drive on the available disks, it will ask you for confirmation to disable the system protection, answer yes.

Im just wondering on the practicality of this... I have mine go off several times a day and, im assuimng, its looking after the disc? Is this right?
Really - who wants to be caught up in this caper they call work...

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Postby MohamedFawzy » Fri Aug 03, 2007 15:56

Dear Hazmat, ux4ever, Robyn, Newbie, Dgrilli, Enterman, Thegurio: thanks for your responses, I really feel faltered! I hope that we get the most of UX as we can. Thanks for admin to stick my thread!

I love computers! Since a very long time, I was dreaming with something like UX, and was looking forward to it since early 1990s. I was 13 years old boy back then when I started talking to everyone about ultra mobile pcs, exactly like UX, and now my dream suddenly came true! I started with a 286 with a DOS operating system and Windows 3.1, can you imagine the huge difference between that 30 kg. machine and this 520 grams gadget !!!

Thegurio, the system protection is completely useless. It does nothing if you got infected with spyware or virus. It does nothing if your system got screwed up. I have never seen any advantage in keeping this process running up and consuming processor and lots of harddisk space for what? IT DOES NOTHING ! go on man disable it.

Newbie: congratulation on your new UX, welcome to our community man.

I will be back soon with more updates and new tips

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