Tips for installing Windows and/or TabletPC OS

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Tips for installing Windows and/or TabletPC OS

Postby shirokuro » Mon Jun 26, 2006 20:55

Hi all,

I posted the following couple of tips on the "installing Windows DIY style" article but thought I'd open a forum thread for it since that article may disappear from the front page after a while.

If anyone else has tips or experiences from installing OSs on the UX, maybe they could put them here too?

Or if theres already a thread for this kind of thing, please feel free to move this post.



Hi all,

To those of you having problems installing the audio drivers - try the following website and the Microsoft KB fixes on there.

After installing TabletPC English version, I was able to install all drivers except the Audio. It kept failing with the message “Microsoft Bus driver must be installed before installing Realtek Audio drivers” (or similar message) and I was unable to get audio. Also, in my Device Manager, a PCI device was permanently question marked and I could not install drivers for it even from the AUDIO folder.

I downloaded and installed the fix KB835221.exe from the website above, and as soon as I had done that, it automatically recognised the audio device, and I was able to install no problem. Audio working perfectly!!
I hope it works for you if you’re having that problem.

I had one more problem - after installing Vaio Power Management and then changing my power profile, I was getting the following error - “Windows has closed this app - Data Execution Prevention - Run a DLL as an App”.
After this happened, I was unable to shuit down the PC properly. It would get to “Windows is shutting down….” message and then sit there forever. I would have to manually power off with the power button.

After starting up again, I went into the followign setting: “Control Panel -> System -> Advanced.” In the “performance” section, click “Settings”. In the dialogue which comes up, click “Data Execution Prevention”
Then select the second bullet - “Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select” and in the box below, “Run a DLL as an APP” should appear. Check to select it. Then click OK etc as many times to get out of all the dialogs and control panels. You might get prompted to restart - I cant remember. Its probably a good idea to restart anyway.

You might see the “no power down” problem again when shuitting down BTW.

If the “no power down” problem does not go away, then UNINSTALL and then REINSTALL “Vaio Power Management”

That temporarily fixed the power-down problem for me, but I noticed it stiull happened occasionally.

Run Windows Update as many times to pull down all the latest updates and hotfixes. Since doing that, the power-down problem has not reoccurred for me. (But its only been a few hours so thats not definitive that its really gone…..)

Anyway, hope all that helps somebody :-)

One more “TIP” (pardon the pun) for anyone installing Tablet PC OS.

I noticed that the floating TIP would not appear anywhere on the UX-50.

You can fix this by searching for and downloading a program called “floattip”.
After downloading (and expanding if necessary) to get the floattip.exe file, place this exe in “C:\Documents and Settings\\Start Menu\Programs\Startup” and reboot.

After rebooting you might get some message from Windows about “floattip.exe”. Just say you want Windows to start it, and not ask you again. You should now find the floating TIP working as on a normal Tablet PC!

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The "no shut down" problem

Postby orinoco » Mon Jul 03, 2006 18:44


I am having the same problem (or closely similar) to what you describe in this post. I cannot either shot down, nor re-start- nor stand-by on my UX50.

The strangest thing that I noticed is that if I uninstall the camera, the problem goes away completely.

I tried the DEP solution that you describe, and also tried uninstalling the "Vaio Power Management", but still will not work. The only thing that makes it go away is uninstalling the camera.

Any clues?


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Postby shirokuro » Tue Jul 04, 2006 19:47

Hi Orinoco,

You can find the proper solution for the shutdown problem in this other thread. Its worked for me so far :-)

hope this helps!

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Postby orinoco » Wed Jul 05, 2006 13:47

Thank you !!! It works perfectly now.

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Postby duck » Fri Jan 19, 2007 23:18

Hi all,
I installed win tpc via the upgrade feature (from xp home) and everything seems to work except for the following:
-IE7 allways encounters an error (crashes)
-windows activation has the same issue (prob related)
-the floating keyboard displays on startup (not critical just a nuisance)
-runs slower prob due to WIN TPC (ccan live with it until someone posts a clean install image-pref acronis)

Any help appreciated.
UX90 rocks :)

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Postby duck » Fri Jan 19, 2007 23:22

One last thing, since IE doesn't work my windows update doesn't as well...

UX90 rocks :)

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Postby Hankyaku » Wed Feb 14, 2007 22:38

I was facing a problem with installing 180P drivers on my UX50 for Windows XP. I made the mods to Model.txt, but making it Read-Only didn't help. Install accessed the filw for writing somehow!!!
I solved the problem by editing it with notepad, clicking save, but leaving the file open with notepad. It was of course in use, so the installer couldn't access it anymore... I'm experimenting with the installation of the SONY Notebook utilities...Be back with experiences.

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Postby zay1967 » Wed Nov 05, 2008 22:37

Anyone knows where I can purchase a larger hard drive for my ux series.

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Postby cimino » Wed Nov 05, 2008 22:59

Funny place to post about a hard drive!

Ebay have good deals on new hard drives. Just search for "1.8" in the hard drive category.
I recommend you get one that is no more than 5mm thick. Read this for information on my upgrade experience:

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Postby jamesbrush » Tue Jul 06, 2010 13:17

These is totally new trick. Also by using these trick can i get update IE in windows OS.

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