this is how to enable VT on UX

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I would prefer to understand how to locate the registry entry.

Postby nakia » Mon Oct 20, 2014 10:48

A previous post seems to acknowledge that using the bios update for the UX390N works on the UX280p, but doesn't say if the "model.txt trick" was needed.
I don't use Windows OSs so I like to update the bios without recurring to reinstall windows XP.

I would like someone else that have tried the hack of updating the bios firmware to the one of UX390N to confirm that camera and other devices are working fine along the virtualization capability so I can consider my options.
In the meantime I can confirm that the value (036F) [0001] enables virtualization on latest official UX280p bios using the method of a bootable USB with FreeDOS1.1 and SYMCMOS.exe utility.

My question is: Does someone have some kind of tutorial or useful information on how hackers like javispedro were able to identify the entry to modify and its value?

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Postby ceehoppy1st » Tue Oct 21, 2014 19:12

AFAIK, all of Sony's bios update utilities are designed to run on Windows OS. The model.txt trick applies to the model check feature that Sony added to all its US spec (UX) drivers. You can extract the the exe file once (I use Uniextract) to remove the check feature, or twice to get to the bios file for DOS flashing. Another option is to start with the bios file here, at post 11. This is the latest Sony bios # R0112N2 but without the model check- it works on any UX. This bios has no negative affect on any UX hardware that I've ever seen. You would still have to "hack" the VT register.

Still another option is to use the "unlocked" bios in this same thread at post #38. It has many submenus in bios that are normally hidden- if I remember correctly one of them is enabling VT. Read the entire thread at bios-mods (use at your own risk). I have used it on a couple UX's-ok, but have read of others that had problems.

I don't have anything on how to hack the bios or how the previous posters figured out how to do this.
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Hacked BIOS availability

Postby Aibomick » Tue Oct 28, 2014 17:14

Hi - the unlocked BIOS seems to have disappeared from their archives - anyone here have it to download - pretty please?
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