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BT component and USB lines in mini PCIe slot

Postby nakia » Mon Aug 11, 2014 00:34

notime2d8 wrote:Ebay, and I don't know if bluetooth works yet. I saw this online:

The BT component on the Intel card does not require USB to function. It's a plain PCIe device, just like the WLAN itself. If you boot Linux and use lspci, it'll actually list a PCIe to PCIe bridge on the card, and the three devices behind it. One is BT, one is WLAN, and the third appears to be a virtual device, probably for management of the other two. Works pretty decently under Linux, with latest kernel and drivers, but there are some timeouts. There are problems with two or more BT hosts on one PC, though, only one will work. This is true for Windows and Linux, so I'm guessing it's something in the bluetooth design, that they never expected us to have multiple BT controllers on one machine.

So...i don't know, when i get some time i'll try a live Linux distro and see if bluetooth works there. At this point i can't tell if it doesn't work or if it is just a driver issue with 8.1 as i had some issues finding and installing them.

P.S. Does anyone know if i need to upgrade the antennas?

I have no experience with Windows 8 and while I regret that the wwa module, dual sensor camera and other sensors are not working in GNU-Linux Distributions, I have no interest to put Microsoft back in the device.

My experience with Wireless cards that integrate a BT component is that the USB bus NEEDS to function (lspci command will show the wireless chipset and lsusb will show the BT chipset ) , and to that effect I have been unable to get a UX280p to see the BT component of an atheros card (ar5b195) because apparently the PCIe port doesn't have the usb pins connected while an AcerOne had no problem using both. (only caveat is the AcerONe was that Network booting has to be set as first device )

Edit: This post seems to have more information.

I upgraded to a 4965 agn at one point and I put an extra antenna just under the compartment of the wwan antenna because that card has 3 antenna connectors, but it has been removed since then because I grew tired of the non-free firmware requirement of intel cards. My only suggestion is to make sure that of the 2 connectors in the card you have that the one marked as MAIN is matched with the antenna on top of the device and not the short cable that connects close to the charging port (white cable).

Also, what would you do with 2 Bluetooth devices on a UX anyway? Just curious, but it is not true as far as I know that GNU-Linux cannot handled several bluetooth devices at the same time at command line level.

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