How to unlock the Sony Ericsson EDGE (SIM) module

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Postby nitrorcx » Fri May 06, 2011 06:18

I read all topic. Really all topic is great and very effective. I was told mine is unlocked but I cannot make it work with any of the standard internet enabled phone sim cards I've got. I always get an error message of modem malfunction code number 692.

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Postby superhoo85 » Thu Aug 18, 2011 23:40

I have UX380n with windows 7 system, I have the unlock number, I can not get the EDGE modem work. anyone get it worked in windows 7 system?

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Postby ceehoppy1st » Fri Aug 19, 2011 05:38

I would try installing the Vista EDGE modem Driver & the Wireless switch setting utility (I think that should be SmartWi- you need it to turm EDGE on) You can get them from Sony esupport.

Personally I never bothered with the EDGE/WWAN modem as I understand it's pretty slow, & usually data plan is fairly $$$ for the privilage. Some people get a usb 3G modem, others tether UX to a smartphone usb or wifi.
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Postby pegaz » Wed Nov 16, 2011 12:28

I've just unlocked my modems (one in UX computer and another just modem as a spare part with unlock code ready maybe I will sell later). The procedure wasn't so simple as people say. I'm from Poland but currently in the UK and was using both numbers to sony - direct and international. I spoke with the person on a chat - I was given instructions but everyone says the same I must call Customer service to get unlock code. The same information via email - only calling centre have tools to generate that code and this is the only way to get them.The problem was that made about 20 calls - most of consultants had no idea what I'm talking about - what does it mean to unlock gprs modem etc. The others who knew what i was talking about wanted 39,99$ for help because my product is no longer covered with warranty - It did not help that I insisted this service should be free of charge as the other people got the codes for free. So I was keep trying but after 1,5 hour total spent on a phone with many many consultants making so many registrations (you must provide tel number, name surname, address, etc) one of them wasn't able to help me and pass my call to higher level support (supervisor or manager i don;t know). I was happy that at least I'm talking with the right person. The guy took my IMEI numbers, and service tags and my email. He explained he will need to pass those information to AT&T as there is no more cingular and if they still have the unlock codes he will provide me them. This could take about 2 weeks. I was so surprised seeing that american number calling on my polish mobile phone number, as I expected I heard the guy saying that he have my unlock codes. I wrote them down, thank him very very much and that's it. So if you have a lot of patience and some luck you are still able to get your modem unlocked. I'm running windows 7 so next step was to physicaly unlock my modem. And here I found BEST way to unlock it without any hyperterminals, commands etc . I was looking for wireless manager because Cingular Connection Manager does not work (or i couldn't make it work under win 7) so I downloaded sony ericsson manager most of versions didn't work or didn't detect the modem. But one Sony Ericsson Wireless Manager, Version , I couldn't install it but I took it out from archive folder Manager and run it without installing and here is the best thing. I put my sim card, locked the slot and run sony ericsson wireles manager, the pop up came up saying I can't use the sim card as it's locked but after clicking OK button another window appeared asking me for unlock code - so I put the number recived from sony pressed OK and that's IT !! Modem registered to my carrier and started working. As was so surprised how easy it was as I was a little bit scary about unlocking it via hyperterminal as a lot of people had problems, errors etc... I don't recommend to guess the code (It will not work -I tried) because after to many attempts you can lock it more. I hope it will help somebody

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Postby Yeggster » Wed Nov 16, 2011 15:58

Great job! ...

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Postby prabu » Tue Dec 20, 2011 07:02

In this way i unlock my sony ericsson mobiles through codes because its safe for my mobile........i got the unlock code for my mobile through this site , here it gives the easy ways to get the mobile unlocked.....

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Postby javispedro » Wed Dec 12, 2012 11:29

Does anyone know if Sony is still giving out unlock codes? Any recent experiences?

Alternatively, has anyone found any unlock-code-generator website that works with the micropcs? I tried one at random (unlockitnow dot com) and it did NOT work.

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Postby twistercbr » Mon Aug 05, 2013 14:49

The sites listed we have to pay for it. Some free site providing the code?
I'm from Brazil and I'm trying unlock here but I've trouble.

Anyone can help me?

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Postby javispedro » Mon Aug 05, 2013 18:31

Call Sony. Answering my previous question, yes, they still offer codes to this day (I requested mine a month ago or so).

There are two requirements however:
A ) A US phone. Because you'll be switching support tiers like crazy, at some point the support guy will offer to "call you back". This won't work if you're using Skype or something else.
Fortunately, US address is not required. You can make up one.

B ) Patience. Lots of it.

NONE of the paid unlock code websites that I tried worked.

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Postby bigs » Wed Aug 07, 2013 20:22

A very good question one must ask is who still uses Edge!! I owuld rather tether bluetooth to my mobile phone anyday to access 3.5g.
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