Re: Sony is Refusing to Unlock any SIM with Vista

Talk about the wireless features of the micro PC.
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Postby chanakya » Sun Jul 29, 2007 18:22

I did not try Hutch Edge. But Airtel GPRS is working fine as of now. Will switch over to EDGE soon. IS Hutch EDGEbetter than Airte's EDGE?

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Postby openone » Sun Jul 29, 2007 20:52

oh that is great to hear! i thought it would not work due to different band :P

Airtel's GPRS is of decent speed and ok for lite browsing.
(i use it to browse thro HP4700 with N73 Bluetooth modem)

I have heard that Airtel's EDGE is better. :)

BTW where do you live in India?

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not the reps way of limiting user error

Postby llotek » Sun Sep 23, 2007 05:41

HAHAHA... Ya Im a customer service rep and it not to avoid user error. Its too keep your talk time up cause they have to clock a certain amount of time on the phone per day or they get bitched at..

MeanSquare wrote:Walking you through the process is the rep's way of limiting user error. Take a look through the upgrading to Vista threads for the number of folks who said "I did everything, exactly as you said I should, and it doesn't work." I'll concede that it's annoying, but you have to realize that the rep has absolutely no guarantee that you're as expert as you profess. You end up with more happy customers by walking them through the process. (You also end up with a few annoyed l33ts.)

As far as why Sony sells the UX locked to Cingular, it's because Cingular subsidizes the cost of the UX in order to hook people into their service. (It's the same reason that a cell phone costs quite a bit more if you buy it without a cellular contract. By law, the phones and computers cannot be indelibly tethered to a service provider, so they create this unlocking procedure to follow the law but still hook as many people as possible into the carrier that's helping to pay the bills.

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so u work for cingular huh

Postby marwhit724 » Sun Nov 18, 2007 21:41

Sinful wrote:We are still unlocking the UX280s as long as you provide a U.S. Proof of purchase and photo I.D.

this is what i have i just got of the phone with 4 to 5 diffent techs.. i have my unlock code and everything needed got an error 16 wich claims to be a wrong password. i was using hyperterminal 6.3 not 6.4 does that make a difference
the guy said i would have to send my unit in to have it done. and i doing the same thing they are doing.. the process is just as easy as unlocking the iphone.. "done" but im gettin the err06 16. can u help out please. do i actually need the trial version6.4? im using 6.3 on a ux380n vista buisness..

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Postby model500 » Tue Jan 15, 2008 15:09

My S/H UX380 arrived this morning. Called the number listed in this thread, and the guy at SOny gave me the unlock code no problem. Used the instruction listed here too, bluetooted hyperterm from my laptop and unlocked it.
I'm buying an Orange PAY as you go sim and will try that out.

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UX490N Unlocked!

Postby mrfixit » Fri Jan 18, 2008 23:59

Just thought I'd let everyone know that the same procedure works perfectly for the UX490N. I recieved my UX just after Christmas and called Sony the same day. I simply told them that I was planning a trip overseas and asked for the code to unlock it. He put me on hold for about 2min and then came back with my MCKU# and even emailed me a link to detailed instructions on the unlocking procedure which even included procedures to deal with error messages. I am now up and running with a T-Mobile unlimited account! :)

By the way, I currently recieve up to 220Kbps down and 80Kbps up (varies with signal/area).

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Postby ElNancio » Thu Mar 13, 2008 00:16

pls somebody could give me the number to call to unlock the UX from Italy?
I read that somebody got easely the code, someothers not.
Im gonna buy a used one, so i could dont get an invoice or receipt....

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Unlock procedure

Postby techmania » Sun Mar 16, 2008 06:34

I'm living outside of US. Yesterday I unlocked my UX390N successfully. I gave my home address and my home phone number (in Istanbul) and that was very easy process. Nobody asked me purchase date, unlock reason, etc.
I couldn't see following link in forums, but it is very helpful.

Sometimes Sony changes their web pages so i put here details:

How to unlock the Sony Ericsson EDGE (SIM) module.

The embedded Sony Ericsson EDGE Module can be unlocked so that it will accept and use another SIM card, for instance one from another cellular carrier. Once the embedded Sony Ericsson EDGE Module is unlocked, the Sony-provided Cingular® SIM card can be removed and a different SIM card inserted. Use the following procedure to ensure the computer is properly configured to perform the SIM unlock procedure and to obtain the IMEI number needed to find the SIM unlock code.

IMPORTANT: This Sony Ericsson EDGE (SIM) module unlock procedure requires the use of HyperTerminal utility software in order to be completed, but unlike previous operating system versions, the Microsoft® Windows Vista™ operating system did not include a HyperTerminal utility. As a convenience to our customers, Sony is providing a link to the Hilgraeve HyperTerminal Private Edition version 6.3 software that customers can use to complete the process.

DISCLAIMER: Use of the Hilgraeve HyperTerminal Private Edition software is subject to the terms and conditions of Hilgraeve Inc. and the Hilgraeve Web site. Sony makes no warranties as to the Hilgraeve HyperTerminal Private Edition software, or for any other information provided by the Hilgraeve Web site.

1. Download and install the Hilgraeve HyperTerminal Private Edition software from the Web site.
2. Ensure the Sony Ericsson EDGE Module is installed properly.
3. On the front edge of the notebook, move the Wireless LAN switch to the ON position.
4. Ensure the SmartWi utility is configured for WWAN.
5. Start the Cingular® Connection Manager software.
6. In the Cingular® Connection Manager software, find and record the Sony Ericsson EDGE Module IMEI number.

IMPORTANT: To complete the SIM unlock procedure, please contact Sony Support at 888-476-6972 (United States) or 239-768-7676 (International). At the time of the call, you must be with the notebook in order to provide information to a support representative.
7. After the Sony representative provides you with the unlock code, perform the SIM unlock procedure.

Unlock procedure:

How to perform the SIM unlock procedure after obtaining the unlock code.

Follow this procedure to unlock the Sony Ericsson EDGE module after obtaining the SIM unlock code.

NOTE: A SIM card must be inserted to perform the unlocking procedure. The Sony provided Cingular® SIM card, if activated, will still function after the Sony Ericsson EDGE Module is unlocked.

1. Click the Start button, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, point to Communications, then click HyperTerminal.

NOTE: If a Location Information window is displayed, enter your Area Code and then click the OK button.
2. In the Connection Description window, under Name, type EDGE.
3. Click the OK button.
4. In the Connect To window, next to Connect using, click the down arrow and click to select COM5.

NOTE: If COM5 (or the port that the Sony Ericsson EDGE Module uses) is not available in the list, ensure the Sony Ericsson EDGE Module is installed properly and turned on in the SmartWi utility.
5. Click the OK button.
6. Click the Configure button.
7. In the COM5 Properties window, ensure all the following settings are configured properly:
* Bits per second = 2400
* Data bits = 8
* Parity = None
* Stop bits = 1
8. Click the OK button.
9. Click the OK button.
10. In the HyperTerminal window, type AT

IMPORTANT: Use capital letters for all entries.
11. Press the ENTER key.

NOTE: Ensure OK is displayed on the next line after AT.
12. Type: AT+CLCK=PN,0,xxxxxxxx

NOTE: Replace xxxxxxxx with the unlocking key provided by the Sony representative.
13. Press the ENTER key.

IMPORTANT: If OK is displayed, the unlock was successful and the procedure completed.

* If a +CME ERROR 3 error is displayed, reset the EDGE Module.
* If a +CME ERROR 40 error is displayed, remove the SIM card provided by your third-party carrier and use the Cingular® SIM provided with the notebook.
* Consult the full list of +CME errors for more information on other errors that may occur.

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Postby stevebyte » Mon Mar 17, 2008 07:33

ElNancio wrote:Hi,
pls somebody could give me the number to call to unlock the UX from Italy?

888-476-6972 (United States) or 239-768-7676 (International).

Got my 390N unlocked a couple of weeks ago. I had the advantage that even I'm non-US living, I have an US contact address and bought it in the US, so it's an US model with an US serial no.

My experiences as info for foreign (non-USA) UX owners:

When you call from non-US countries, it might be handy if you can provide Sony with
a) an US address, best with an US phone number (they won't call you there!). If it really exists, doesn't matter, IMHO. Avoids a couple of unwanted questions.
How to find one ?: easy -> Google Maps, search for your favorite US town, look for nearest pizza business, and you have an valid address + phone. If you give them your real name, it's up to you. For getting back in contact with you when they have to send you the unlock code later (which might happen), asked them to use your e-mail address (see #d), and explain you might not be near the phone the next days while travelling.

b) have the numbers from the backside (under the battery) by hand, e.g. service number - the IMEI is also listed there.

c) a purchase date (don't ask me if it has to be "real" or whatever). Might be that unlocking within the first XXX years is okay. Could be that they need it only to enter the UX into their warranty database, if it isn't already there.

d) an e-mail address (best an universal one, like gmail, avoid an country related, like one ending with ".pl" or "" or ".fr".)

e) Have an explanation by hand why you need to unlock it. Best: I need to use it while I'm on business in Europe / Asia / South America.

f) When asked which OS you're running, you might stick to the OS your UX was originally delivered with (even if you have downgraded to "XP") - avoids some more unwanted questions.
Even when asked which terminal program you're running, stick to the one Sony recommends for that certain OS: HyperTerminal for XP and Hillgraeve Hyperterminal Privat 6.3 for Vista. The commands to issue within the programs are the same.

g) Please have patience and plenty of time. Oversea phone calls are not expensive anymore. Please understand that the Sony representatives working the hotline have to hold you on the line for a couple of minutes, it pays for their jobs!

h) They might walk you thru the whole unlocking procedure incl. putting in the AT command procedure or not, it might depend.

Just my 2c.

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Lost in the International Sony Support Menu

Postby szb20634 » Mon Mar 17, 2008 15:52


I've bought a nice 380 few weeks ago on Ebay...

Sorry for that question, but :
I'm lost when I call the Sony International support.
I need to unlock why Cingular Modem to work with my local provider (Orange), in France .... I know I'm french but nobody is perfect :rolleyes:

I don't know what I need to answer for each questions to get the right access.
And the phone server ask for an US phone number that I can't provide.

What is the best way to navigate in this phone menu ?
Currently I've pressed 2,5,1 and it asked me an US Phone.

Is somebody could help me ?

French support told me that my modem isn't locked but when I put my Orange SIM in it the Cigular Soft told me that is locked.

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