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Posted: Thu Oct 13, 2011 19:37
by computercowboy
I think all of them do WiFi N except maybe the last one that is "Unknown"

I am 99% sure that both the Airport cards do N. I know for a fact that the three half height cards do N.

The Airport Broacom card is bcm4321kfbg
The Airport atheros card is ar5bxb72

U can look up those models for more 411

Lets say $10 shipped for either airport card and $20 shipped for either the 6200 or the Atheros WiFi/BT half height card. This assumes shipping to us address

The half height cards are brand new condition.

FWIW the only difference between the 6200 and he 6300 is 300Mbps N vs 450Mbps N. The 6300 might give slightly better signal strenght assuming you have a third antenna, but unless you have a 450Mbps N access point there is basically no reason to get the 6300 over the 6200

Posted: Thu Oct 13, 2011 19:43
by computercowboy
Cretu wrote:Interesting post cowboy. I know of a friend who has a broken laptop with a 6200, maybe I should try it (I need however the size adaptor). The real dilemma here is: to auditor or not to auditor. Having an Atheros card would be so great for Backtrack/Wifiway, and would reduce the need of carriying my Alfa around. Uhm...

By the way, did you just say the Bluetooth card on the UX can be removed? What kind of connection it uses?.

Best regards.

yea you can remove the BT in the UX if either you don't need BT or you get a miniPCIe WiFi card that has BT. I think I have the half height to full height adapter around here somewhere, but you can get that bracket for cheap anyway. Here is the bracket you need

The UX uses an Alps/Toshiba BT chip
The UX BT chip looks like this... and the interface is USB, but the connector is proprietary, same thing used on all VAIOs from that era, like the T350 for example.


Posted: Thu Oct 13, 2011 20:02
by Cretu
Nice to know, but here come the same question: will a PCIe card with WiFi+BT handle well the bluetooth led light and the Wireless Switch Utility?.

And also, I guess that BT antenna may be used for the cards that need a third one. BT operates in the same band, so I guess it will match and have no SWR.

Posted: Thu Oct 13, 2011 20:18
by computercowboy
In the UX the BT already shares an antenna with the WiFi card... so it would be about the same.

As far as the Wireless Switch and the software, that probably won't work with the Atheros Combo card. I don't use the software, and I don't care that much about the hardware switch and the lights.

Posted: Thu Oct 13, 2011 23:01
by bigs
Cretu, the internal Bluetooth module is located just near the wireless switch. Its connector seems specific for that particular bluetooth module, suspect you were thinking of putting something there in place of the original bluetooth? Not sure if there is much advantage of having the bluetooth and wifi on the same adapter in terms of power or performance. All I know the existing bluetooth module seems to be pretty power efficient.

Posted: Fri Oct 14, 2011 00:51
by computercowboy
FWIW, Anh says he knows the pinout of the BT connector, you could run some other USB thing off of it. I have tested many different WiFi and BT adapters and the Alps/Toshiba BT is one of the highest quality ones I've ever used. That being said I don't agree that it is very power efficient, someone here a while back measured a significant power draw when the BT was active.

I think there would be a power saving if you dumped the BT chip and got a halfmini card with WiFi/BT, you could also get BT3.0 with the 6230.

Posted: Wed Oct 26, 2011 23:45
by Cretu
Hello there,

I finally received the size adapter and installed the Intel 6200 (btw, the cable of the AUX antenna is damn short!). Besides range and power consumption (range seems fine, and I'm not sure about power), the Wireless Switch Utility is messing here. Tested a few versions:

- Can turn on and off the WiFi (only 2.4GHz band) and BT, but doesn't detect the WWAN. This is exactly the same behavior than with the original 3945, and that's the reason why I wasn't using this version.
- On the original 3945 works at 100%: manages the WiFi (2.4 and 5GHz band), BT and WWAN. But with the 6100 install, it doesn't detect the WiFi, and it even makes the WiFi unusable (the Intel Utility claims it is off).
-,,, Got them from Sony Pub FTP. A last resource (you know, won't lose anything for trying). Completely useless.

Tried both drivers versions from Intel website: and 13.5.0. No luck.

So, any suggestion on how to deal with the thing?.

Posted: Thu May 28, 2015 06:27
by bigs
4 years later, I finally dived in and got myself a Intel Ultimate N 6300 card with half size to full size adapter, and it cost around $20 brand new! Being a Ubuntu user I was worried about the wifi switch, etc, but it was literally plug and play.

I am uncertain to why I never tried this card years ago, as the performance is substantially better than the Intel 4965 which was better than the Intel 3945 which the UX came with. Wifi signal is rock solid stable, and the range is at least 30% better.

Not sure what is involved for Windows users to get this card working correctly with the Wireless switch utility, but in Ubuntu 12.04 it works flawlessly!

Posted: Sat Jun 06, 2015 11:19
by bigs
measured some power improvements using the 6300 card over the 4965. The wattage difference seems to be around 1.4 watts, a well worth power saving in my opinion.

Posted: Mon Aug 31, 2015 07:46
by tomn
Bigs, I am using the 5100 which is a full length card. Thanks for posting the power differences between those cards. I think I am going to upgrade to the latest 7260AC dual band card for even greater power savings.