Wireless not working on VAIO 390N

Talk about the wireless features of the micro PC.
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Postby sukhi2012 » Thu Jul 26, 2012 20:43

VitesseUX390 wrote:I ran a test in the Intel Wireless Manual Diagnostics Tool and the Scan test failed, whats wrong with my UX did I break my wireless driver? This doesnt make sense because it worked fine when it was running Vista.
Don't bother with all that,It gets worse it even asks for device ownership password i couldn't sort this out at all.

Just install wifi driver and don't use intel pro wireless program,first of all switch on the wifi then go to bottom right system tray and right click on wifi icon and select view available networks find your network press connect and network security key and you will be connected to the network.

Note: I had the same problem installing XP os and wifi stopped working just use Windows wireless manager and it works perfectly well your wifi switch will work too,your wifi driver is not corrupted,please try this and then let me know how it goes.

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