Intel 5300 N wireless card

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Intel 5300 N wireless card

Postby VitesseUX390 » Thu Jan 05, 2012 03:46

Is this the appropriate upgrade for the wireless for the UX platform concerning the Intel 5300 card that is supported by the UX on and off switch? Also, how do I get this installed into the UX?
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Intel Pro/Wireless 5100 is better

Postby tomn » Wed Jun 20, 2012 09:34

Hi I have upgraded my UX380 to Intel Pro/Wireless 5100 full size card, I think the 5300 is a half-mini card and you will need an adapter for it to fit well. The 5100 is excellent, but you will need to install drivers from the Intel site and upgrade the Vaio Smart Network program to recognize the 5100/5300. The wifi switch works perfectly after the upgrade.
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