Internal 3g with huawei e176

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Internal 3g with huawei e176

Postby Ksul » Fri Jun 01, 2012 16:26

Hi! This is my first post in these forums. I have an e176 I'm testing and going to have ahn install in my ux when I verifying it working as planned. I've been trying to get the tmobile labeled e176(its european) to work with tmobile edge or 3g on the 1900mhz. I managed to unlock the voice feature with no problems using the autodetect feature of dc-unlocker but it recognized it as a e1762, which doesn't have support for 3g on the 1900mhz, but oddly I can't even get edge. Neither the e176g and the e1762 support UTMS on 1900mhz, but support normal gsm. E176 is whats marked on the modem and that is supposed to support 1900mhz. In the generic mobile partner its also detected as an e1762 and cant get a signal from the sim. Nor can I in my android-x86 install, or ubuntu, respectively. The only thing I can think of that would be an issue would be the software I'm using or the actual firmware thats on the card right now. The ebay seller stated it as(unlocked and debranded). I'm not sure if they just mean adding the generic mobile partner or if they also changed the firmware.(I tried the mobile partner dc-unlocker has on their website with a dialpad, It looks like it would be pretty cool when its working.). Sorry for the long post, as I'm trying to be thorough and its a good bit of information to cover.

Update: I updated the dongles firmware and its still detected as e1762 and can't get the 1900mhz band. Also, I learned that tmobile blocks certain imei's it knows to be mobile broadband devices from using standard phone rate plans. Some aren't blocked though. One of interest to me is the zoom 4597 and 4598. The 4597 was reported working on another forum. I'm going to find out if the 4598 works as well. It comes ootb unlocked with voice among other interesting features.

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Postby Ksul » Sat Jul 21, 2012 22:53

I can now verify after testing that the zoom 4598 works with t-mobile $2 sims(only edge where I live though :( ). Just a word of caution if you want to get one as well and you plan on installing osx. It makes an awful screeching sound on boot with voodoohda.kext. I'll post the appropriate edits to the info.plist when I figure it out.

Update 7/24/2012: this pkg installer works(2.7.4). Check sse2, and make sure pcm and imix levels are up in the prefpane.

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Postby tomn » Thu Jul 26, 2012 06:00


If you are in Oregon, you can forget about t-mobile on 3G. The US T-mobile frequency is mostly at 1700MHz, hence you will only get Edge if you have a t-mobile Europe dongle, which is at 2100MHz.

Good information though, thanks for the post.
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