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Postby Orphaa38 » Mon Oct 10, 2011 13:53

Basically, screen protectors are notoriously hard to put on perfectly, even if your job is to put screen protectors on perfectly (mine isn't, but I once got a cell phone technician to attempt to put one on). I've gotten pretty close to decent (okay, I'm not a great example), only to find my hard work bubbled up in less than a week. And, yes, I have returned many a screen protector for its failure to apply decently. So Apple's removal of screen protectors from its stores for economic reasons sort of makes sense, as they do have a high rate of return. That said, there are plenty of lazy people would rather just live with a crappy screen protector than return it (or who think such a product can't be returned), so it's still likely that Apple is more than breaking even.
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Postby Eingang » Sun Oct 16, 2011 15:00

I got lots of experiences with different kinds of screen protectors.
I can confirm it is extremely difficult to put them on screen perfectly.
Problem here are dust and hairs, magically attracted because of static fields.

In general you have two different kinds of protection foils:
The crystal clear ones and the anti-reflection ones.

1) The anti-reflection ones are barely affected from fat and can be cleaned very easily,
even with the bare skin of your hands. Also they don´t attract hairs, dirt or dust, but they dim the picture in a certain way. They are perfect for touch screens and screens with low resolutions (f.e. NDS touch or DSi XL both) but can not be recommended for normal screens with higher resolutions (f.e. PSP Go).

2) The crystal clear ones preserve the picture of fine and high resoluted screens (f.e. VGN-U / UX) but they are as sensible as all reflecting surfaces we are used to. You see fat, fingerprings, dust, hairs and cleaning is the same procedure. They are mainly useful to protect the surface from scratches.

Both kinds of foils will make light scratches invisible, but the anti-reflection ones are better !


In general there is one rule for all foils: one try - win or fail.
Whatever got under the foil remains - take it or the foil is trash - mostly.
If the foil is placed just a little bit awry, you might get a disturbing effect.
The main problem here is, in most cases you won´t be able to remove the foil without
a damage at the edge or corner you use to lift it up. In some cases, if the foil type does not adhere too strong on the surface, you might lift if up using some tape. Then you can clean the foil by putting a tape on the downside and substracting it again. With the tape you take off all dust, dirt etc. and can try again. Or you might just lift up some corner or edge, put a tape in between, pull off and then let the foil come down again. Of course that just works if the bad stuff is at the corners or edges only and not centered.


You will find lots of very different types of protection foils on the market. Some are thinner, some thicker, some are very sensible getting kinks, some not at all. Some adhere extremely strong and others are just smoothly sucked. Some need days or even weeks to get fully flat and others come into their final state immediatly. Some kind of catalogue would be great but I don´t think somehting like that exists, yet. If you got the right foil type for your device and can put it on screen perfectly, it is a wonderful experience. Some foils will never get any scratches through touch pens, others will make your screen look like new again or even make it better. For example I got an anti-reflection foil on my 3DS touch screen which had some thumb-large deepening and now the screen is 100% flat, using the pen feels much better and it will always look like new !!!! I am so happy with it. But if you fail, it is horrible, since many foils are not cheap at all !!!!!

Last thing: I asked myself often why big companies like Apple, Sony or Nintendo are not able to give their devices surfaces with a quality many protection foils provide. This is a shame !

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