Sony Vaio X505 going more eXtreme...

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Postby danong » Wed Oct 02, 2013 22:08

If it ain't broked don't fix it but my 9 years old Sony Vaio PCG-X505/SP is painfully slow on its 20GB stock HDD (Toshiba MK2004GAL).

BIG time overdue for an upgrade to SSD (KingSpec 64GB KSD-CF18.6-064MS, USD80.83 free shipping)

Cloned the MK2004GAL using EaseUS Todo Backup Free and Micro IDE 1.8 ZIF CE 50 Pin to Mini USB Adapter (USD3.59 free shipping).

Armed with a special tri-wing screw-driver and a Service Manual obtained free online, opened up the X505, took out the MK2004GAL and slide in the KSD-CF18.6-064MS.

Everything went pretty smoothly except that the USB cable that came with the Mirco IDE adapter was not working.

WinXP boot and hibernation times were more than halved. HAPPY! :D

There are some very sexy ultra-slim notebooks out there from SAMSUNG and SONY but saving 1k to 2K SGD is much sexier. And my VAIO is less than 800g.








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Postby bigs » Thu Oct 03, 2013 23:54

Whats the battery life with the new SSD in place? Any stuttering bugs from the Kingspec SSD?
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Postby danong » Sun Oct 06, 2013 08:25

I have no idea on battery improvement. None bugs so far hope it stays that way. Wakeup from hibernation is about 10 to 11seconds.

The ssd has so many benefits that even if it suck more lithium juice I still wouldn't mind :)

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Postby tomn » Tue May 06, 2014 06:08

I used to have the same SSD and sold it on eBay. It is a decent SSD based on the SMI controller (Model number ends with XXXMS). Power consumption is good due to native PATA controller but if you do some really heavy duty work, it will still slow down (but not stutter). I prefer the Eastwho controller but they are at least 50% more for the same capacity. Overall a good budget SSD for old laptops. I think on Windows XP it will work pretty well. On Windows 7/8 it will be hard pressed to provide sufficient performance to keep up with the OS demands.
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